Bio: Hi there my name is Jazlin and I’m here today on my new blog writing about the word of God. For the past 4-5 years I've been searching for some needed truth. Although, throughout my whole entire life I've always had this inner urge or need to find the truth behind “religions”; honestly speaking I never really felt interested in finding a place to associate myself with, and/or even less wanted to become part of any religious group. Don’t want to sound to you as if I’m against churches or religions but I hate hypocrisy and this is something I felt every time I had visited any church before. So just because I had this inner urge of finding out more about my creator, I still wasn’t ready for any social “religious” commitment. However, this thirst and hunger of more love, of having more understanding of the word of God was the reason why one day I decided to go after what I really wanted and that was to find out more about the Lord . So for few days I prayed to God in my own way . Not knowing exactly how to ask for His guidance I would just ask Him to hear my cry for him and to lead me as where to find Him. At this point I wasn’t sure I was asking in the proper way, because according to my little understanding I had at this point in my life I wasn’t even praying in a typical traditional way. I just knew I was determine to get what I wanted out from God and that was to find out more about Him. So, I started by just talking to God as if I was talking to my own father. At this time I wasn’t sure if my simple words was going to be heard or if God was going to pay any attention to me, after all I wasn’t even participating in any church , I was not a member of any religious group either and by that I thought I was way far from God, less thought for Him to waste His valuable time with me. Like I said before I wasn’t sure if I was going t be heard or not but I was there still asking for His guidance . what I was sure of , was that I had no need of a middle man to pray for me because I thought if a pastor or priest is a human being like me why would I have to depend on anyone to pray over myself if God is father of us all , so I went directly to Him to my Lord Jesus . On this day the day I finally opened my bible I said out loud : “ I need you to talk to me Lord “. And with all honesty, that day I felt within my heart that He was listening to me and in fact He was . While I was opening my mother’s old leather wine color bible which has been sitting on my desk since 1992 after her passing , I said to myself whatever verse my eyes first catch is what God wants to tell me, and for my surprise this is the verse my eyes first saw : You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13 . After reading this verse was enough for me to know not only that God was listening to my simple prayers request but He was waiting for me to ask Him for it . From that day on, every day I would open my bible and would always first ask God to talk to me through His word. And there was always a new message of love, every day was a new verse with messages of new leanings, every time I would opened my bible seemed as if He had everything prepared waiting for my new lesson. Soon enough I was opening my bible more and more often. I couldn't stay away from it , so I started by reading the word first thing in the mornings and then in the afternoons and then it became to be a routine of every mornings then followed by every afternoons and before going to sleep. Little by little my urging needs my thirst and hunger was been satisfied. The Lord had me for days and days searching the scriptures and discovering things I never read or heard before, his lessons where so intense and infinite that some days I had to ask Him to go slower on me because it was too much to digest in such a short period of time. Now, I’m here to share with you all , what I believe is important for us as his sons and daughters to learn and know about Him more, I’m not an expert of the word of God or pretend to be one , I’m not a pastor nor an evangelist either , never have taken any Theology studies and/or lessons of any religion , but I will share as much as I know and have learned through the word of God which had been taught to me directly from the Holy Spirit which He has showed and teach me about the Almighty God in Heaven and about His son Jesus Christ / Yeshua Hamashiaj and about the Holy Spirit. It is all my hopes that it will bless your life as much as it has blessed mine . I dedicate this song to the Lord “ All honor, All Glory” All honor, All Glory , All Power To You Holy Father, Worship YOU Precious Jesus, Our Savior, Holy Spirit we wait on You Holy Spirit we wait for your Fire He’s got all the Power you need . God can never fail, He's been proved time and again; Trust Him and see He's got all the power you need. He's never early, never late, it takes courage it takes faith; Trust Him and see He's got all the power you need. He saves, forgives, and heals, Takes back what the Devil steals; My debt's been paid in full, And ev'ry day He does miracles. I got dreams, turn them into plans Too big for human hands; Trust Him you'll see He's got all the power you need. He's real, He's real, Faith's a lot stronger than what you feel; He's real, He's real, I'm believing for miracles. Trust Him you'll see He's got all the power you need. Trust Him you'll see He's got all the power you need.

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